Front door mats made to measure

Running a European style hotel is hard work. If you plan on running a European style hotel, then you'll want to know what's needed. Here are the top things you will need.

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Front Door Mats

You'll want to have front door mats made to measure for doors leading to rooms of the hotel. In front of each door, you'll want a European style welcome mat, and you should have a giant mat place in front of the main entrance to the hotel. One of the very first things guests will see upon entering your hotel is the floor, and a front door mat can make an immediate good impression on them. This can set the mood for what they can expect when they start walking around the rest of the hotel and when they get to their room.

European Decor For The Lobby

Your lobby can't be boring and plain looking. You'll want to add as much European decor to it as possible. Get a few pieces of European style furniture for your guests to sit on while they wait in the lobby, and hang some photos of different European cities. If possible, buy European chandeliers because they will look great in the lobby. The key to making your lobby as comparable to a European hotel is to have as much European-influenced furnishings in the lobby.

In The Bathroom

One of the main differences between European hotels and American hotels, as well as hotels elsewhere, is the way their bathrooms are set up. You'll want to have hand-held showers and you'll want to use smaller towels, as they tend to be smaller than towels in most hotels around the world. Many European hotels have a bidet installed in the bathrooms, so if you want to give your hotel an authentic European look, then have a bidet installed in every single bathroom. Don't worry about them being too expensive because they are available in various styles and price range, so you should have no problems finding bidets you can afford.

The Rooms

As for the rooms themselves, you'll need to have a few European style wardrobes. You don't need anything extravagant, but you will want to make sure the wardrobes are large enough so guests can fit their stuff into them. Beds in European hotels tend to be low to the ground and feature storage space, so you'll want to get a few Euro style beds to place in the rooms. As for decor, you can use traditional European decor or use similar decor that you use in the lobby. All of these things will give the rooms a European vibe.


If your hotel has a restaurant on the premise, then base the menu around European dishes. This will give your hotel a more European feeling and vibe.

Those are the top things you'll need if you decide to run a European style hotel. There are a lot of other stuff that you could use, but those are the main ones.